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This article is an unfinished work in progress or contains transferred information that needs to be rewritten or reformatted to fit our standards. Please excuse the mess and do not mark for deletion.

This is a list of things to do, copied and edited from the to do page on the old wiki. If you have some spare time, please do try and complete some of them at least partially.


  • Click HERE to visit a random page - work on anything you find that needs work!
  • Go to each category and click "What Links Here." Categories should not be linked to by main articles or redirects, as they are only meant for sorting purposes, not reading. If a category is being used as an article, a proper article should be made, or a section on a pre-existing article should be made to reference the articles in that category.

IMPORTANT! We need definitive contributing guide for basic wiki editing and uploading!

  • Category:RRUKB to-do lists: All pages with specific to-do lists on their talk pages. Move anything in category:to do into this category by using the proper templates.
  • Category:WIP pages: Pages that have had work on them started, but have not been completed and are a bit of a mess as a result. Please finish these pages up, or at least get then looking clean before marking them as stubs.
  • Category:Stubs: Very short articles that need to be expanded. Unlike WIP pages, these articles are "complete" in their formatting, but have very little information compared to what's possible to write about their subjects.

Maintenance categories

Please look through all the categories in Category:RRUKB maintenance and work on anything in those categories that you can!

Maintenance reports

These special pages automatically generate lists of uncategorized, unused, or wanted pages, as well as redirect errors and pages that to not link to or are not linked to by any other pages. Please look through these reports periodically and fix any errors you find.

† Empty categories for maintenance or file licensing templates should not be deleted

Rewriting articles

Good pages: ???% - go to Category:WIP pages!

  • Rock Raider vehicles: Most pages are good, but may want more descriptive descriptions of the vehicles themselves, unless a picture being worth a thousand words applies here. Specific locations in PS1 levels may also be desired once the level pages have been fleshed out. Appearances in other media need to be fleshed out once more is written about the books - cutscenes and comics especially are desired once we write about those.

Stuff to do still:

  • Modding tools - Probably some of the most underdeveloped and unhelpful pages from the original wiki.
  • Rock Raiders missions
    • Figure out what to do with levels page - should there be one on its own or just a list on the game pages?
    • Make list of all custom levels and mods <-- did not document things outside of Baz's Mod and Time Raiders well before
  • Rock Raiders canon:
  • Rock types: Opening paragraph might need rewriting, maybe not.
  • Rock Raiders SYSTEM sets:
    • Part lists for all sets are a mess, with no consistency to their organization and dead links in some cases since peeron has changed since it was written. We may even want to move away from peeron to a more reliable, better quality site, though it seems every parts list site has a fair number of flaws
    • Do we want to host instruction manuals on here? And if so, would it be better to switch to PDF format?
    • IMPORTANT! Better scans of the box art (and the Heroes cards) are needed sometime, if anyone has good-condition boxes and a suitable scanner (or a good camera with a good lighting setup)
  • File types:
    • Map file: Possibly define format better?
  • Rock Raiders levels: need screenshots!


Please see Category:Language tables missing information for specific pages missing language information. "Missing" means the translation is known to exist but does not have information on this wiki - other language versions may exist that we don't know about!

Note that, at least for Windows games, the table below only lists different languages known for the game itself, and not different versions of the game, different releases of the game in different countries (such as US, UK, and Canada versions for English-speaking countries), or different re-releases in later years and/or by other companies (most notably in English-speaking countries by Encore, Electronic Arts, SelectSoft, and Traveller's Tales).

Game Platform Languages accounted for Languages known missing
LEGO Island English, Russian
LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge Windows English, Hebrew
PlayStation Danish, Dutch, English (NTSC), English (PAL), French, German, Italian, Spanish Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish
LEGO Racers Windows
PlayStation, Nintendo 64 Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish Russian? [PS1 seems to have been released but not translated in Russia]
LEGO Rock Raiders Windows Chinese (China) [incomplete?], Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese [demo], Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish Chinese (Taiwan), Korean, Portuguese
PlayStation Danish, Dutch, English (NTSC), English (PAL), Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish Russian? [seems to have been released but not translated in Russia]

MediaWiki issues

This is stuff only Cyrem can take care of right now.


  • SVG files currently do not display transparency correctly. Help might be found here.


  • Video extention looks like it would be a good extention if it weren't unsuitable for use - putting it here to remember to check on it in the future.
  • Guide: or Tutorial: namespace might be useful?