Reinforced wall

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Reinforced textures for Dirt, Loose Rock, and Hard Rock, as well as unused ones for Solid Rock and Soil

Reinforced Walls are walls that have been reinforced by a Rock Raider using a hammer to prevent that wall from causing landslides and cave-ins; reinforcements can also stop monsters from emerging, but they can be destroyed again by a monster entering a reinforced wall or trying to collect a boulder from one. A wall can be reinforced by selecting it and pressing Reinforce Wall, which will tell a Rock Raider to collect a hammer (if they don't already have one) and go to reinforce the wall. Once reinforced, the wall will be supported with a large Y-shaped beam with a caution stripe and light. The reinforcement pillar will show as a 3D model in eye view or shoulder view when close enough, but the light does not actually function in-game. Reinforced walls can still be drilled, blasted or blown up. Corner walls and seams cannot be reinforced. On the radar screen, reinforced walls appear as a yellow border around the normal color of the rock type ; hidden rock can't be reinforced.

Reinforced walls can't be designated in the terrain map. There is a hexadecimal value of 0D 00 which is labeled as "Reinforced Wall", but it seems to exist purely for changing the texture and tool tip for reinforced walls in-game and on the radar screen, and doesn't present correctly when used in an actual level map. It appears that a reinforcement map was once planned, but never programmed in.[verify]

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Czech Čeština Zesílená stěna
Danish Dansk Armeret væg
Dutch Nederlands Verstevigde wand
French Français Paroi consolidée
German Deutsch Verstärkte Wand
Hebrew עִבְרִית
קיר ‎מחוזק
Italian Italiano Parete rinforzata
Japanese 日本語
Korean 한국어
Norwegian Norsk Forsterket vegg
Polish Polski Wzmocniona ściana
Russian Русский
Укрепленная стена
Spanish Español Pared reforzata
Swedish Svenska Förstärkt vägg