BLX file

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BLX files are certain Level Files located in a Mission's level folder. There is a BLX file that accompanies each MAP file in the base game files. Their purpose is unknown, and they are seemingly unnecessary for a level to work. They may be a leftover format from the Rock Raiders Beta. They are notably more complex than MAP files and use a heavy machine language formatting, making them much more difficult to decrypt. However, this would not be necessary, since they don't seem to be used.

Just as with MAP files, there are nine different BLX files:

  • Cror.BLX
  • Dugg.BLX
  • Emrg.BLX
  • Erod.BLX
  • Fall.BLX
  • High.BLX
  • Path.BLX
  • Surf.BLX
  • Tuto.BLX

In the three test levels, there is another file format, called .BLK. This may be an early version of the .BLX file. Rather than being organized in the Lego.cfg file, they were organized in a .LEV file.