Water Works

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Level 12 - Water Works

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Find Missing Rock Raider Team and Collect 20 Energy Crystals

Cut Scene


OK, Rock Raider - are you ready for the next mission? A flood has left many of our Rock Raiders stranded on islands in an underground lake! You must establish our Rock Raider HQ and build the Docks. Once you have achieved this, get a Rapid Rider, rescue the stranded Rock Raiders and bring back any Energy Crystals that they have collected. We need a total of twenty Energy Crystals.



Rocky Terrain


The missing team lies on the very far top right corner of the map, and they are only accessible by use of the Rapid Rider, Cargo Carrier, or Tunnel Scout. Rock Raiders can then drill their way out, and get themselves back to base. There is also a ton of crystals at their location, which they will try to bring back to base with them.


You didn't manage to transport a Rapid Rider, rescue the stranded Rock Raiders and bring back twenty Energy Crystals. Mission failed.


Excellent! You rescued the Rock Raiders and got twenty Energy Crystals. Good job! Mission complete.

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