Erode Works

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Level 10 - Erode Works

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Find safer Tool Store and Collect 15 Energy Crystals.

Cut Scene


We had just begun mining activities in a deeper cavern, when disaster struck! Molten lava and magma is slowly eroding the perimeter of Rock Raider HQ. We have located another cavern nearby that is safe, but the ship's transporter is being repaired and cannot be used. We must get to a safer cavern by foot! Try to prevent the magma from advancing by building a perimeter Power Path around Rock Raider HQ. There is Hard Rock between the safe cavern and us, and we must use Dynamite to blast through. Build up Rock Raider HQ until we can train a Rock Raider to use Dynamite, then escort the rest of the Rock Raiders to the safe cavern. Once you have made it there safely, resume mining and collect fifteen Energy Crystals.



Molten Terrain


The safer tool store lies on the left side of the map, but you have to get to it by going up and around.


You didn't manage to collect fifteen Energy Crystals from the safe cavern. Bad luck! Mission failed.


Wow! You trained an Explosives Expert, got to the safe cavern and collected all fifteen Energy Crystals. Good job! Mission complete.

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