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The High Voltage Software Logo

High Voltage Software is the video game developer that created the LEGO Racers game for PC, PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and Game Boy Color. It is a US company based in Illinois and was founded in 1993. Although a relatively small company, it has remained stable over the years and is still active today.

Developing The Game

The LEGO Racers game was first released on PC on July 31, 1999, then later on October 12 for Nintendo 64, December 17 for PlayStation, and lastly January 18, 2001. It is the only LEGO game that the developer has created. All the versions are fairly similar with some obvious minor differences in the Game Boy color version. A demo version of the game that used a slightly earlier and less-optimized build was also released around the same time.

The game was designed as a Mario Kart-esque style battle-racing, where the player races mainly computer-based opponents, using a variety of Power-Ups that the player and computer-based players can use on themselves or each other to give themselves an edge on the race. An added feature to this style of gameplay is the ability for the player to build their own racer from scratch using virtual LEGO pieces from a variety of LEGO themes. These vehicles could then be saved, then customized and raced whenever the player wants.

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