LEGO Rock Raiders: Community Edition

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This article is about a game mod for LEGO Rock Raiders. The contents of this page are not relevant to the original game or to do with official media.

LEGO Rock Raiders: Community Edition is an unofficial patch for LEGO Rock Raiders for Windows.

Exe Patch Version Notes

v1.0 Preview 1

All Changes
  • New Resolutions support: 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1280x960, 1366x768, 1440x900, 1600x900, 1600x1200, 1680x1050, 1920x1080, 1920x1200
  • New EXE Parameters: -resw <value> & -resh <value>
  • Updated Mode Select Window Layout and Win32 Style.
  • Updated Game Icon.
  • Mode Select now appears in taskbar and is topmost.
  • Enabled game window Minimize button.
  • Loads up to 100 WAD files (from 10)
  • Plays music from folder instead of CD.
  • Music now plays in random order.
  • Fixed Build Panel crash when using more than 11 building icons.
  • Man Teleport queue maximum increased to 20 (from 9)
  • Support for up to 12 RockFallStyles (from 4)
  • Set Crystal Colour on a per-level basis (previously not possible)
  • Set Next & Back button positions for Briefing Panel (previously not possible)
  • Generate a random class of monster on wall collapse (per level, per your selection) instead of only Small Spiders! (Makes it possible to generate new monsters into the game without manual level placement).
  • CD Music Status check removed. Stops micro lockups associated with it.
CFG Specific
  • New Property Levels::<level name>::PowerCrystalRGB 000:000:000
  • New Property Levels::<level name>::GenerateObjects <comma seperated object names>
  • New Property CE::BiefingPanel::BackButtonPos <x>,<y>
  • New Property CE::BiefingPanel::NextButtonPos <x>,<y>
  • Defunct Property Main::CDTracks
  • Defunct Property Main::CDStartTrack

WAD Patches

These WAD Patches are patches designed to go with Community Edition.

  • Community Edition Core
  • HD Loadscreens
  • Resolutions Pack

Todo List

This list is a list of potential things that may be changed and/or fixed in future versions, but are still undergoing research.


  • Vehicle damage from monsters is always -10.
  • Main Menu Back button pressed image and tooltip voice don't work.
  • Increase game speed beyond 3x.
  • Main Menu mouse scrolling not working beyond 480px.
  • Vehicles always teleport out and will not use an explosion activity.
  • Info panel(Encyclopedia) button does not work.
  • Cannot configure electric fence collection as a priority.
  • Some sounds listed first in certain .cfg lines do not play.
  • Spider webs appear in an animation loop when placed in hidden caves; object behaves as though it does not exist.
  • Investigate SeeThroughWalls cfg property.
  • Add NERPs functions for Ore Refinery, certain vehicles, radar panel buttons, and the left anim advisor.
  • Soil wall type is disabled.
  • StartFP property used in levels is extremely glitchy.
  • Investigate AI map type.

Potential Memory Issues

  • UpgradeTypes limited to 80 before crash.


  • Lava Monster breaks into Tiny Rock Monster instead of Tiny Lava Monster. (Added new properties to change split object, see v1.0)
  • Rock Raider damage from monsters is always -10. (Added new property to change, see v1.0)
  • Adding more than 4 rock fall types crashes the loader.
  • Load more than 11 Build Menu Panel Backgrounds.