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To do: How exactly do we source such information? also I merged verify with it so need to rewrite it for that

This piece of information coming from a LEGO set, video game, story, or any other media that does not meet citation standards, is lacking evidence to back it up or has been called into question, and such evidence needs to be found, or it needs to be removed from the page for lack of such.


This applies to any unverified content on a page about official LEGO content that does not come from articles meeting Wikipedia's standards of citation. It does not include fan content from Rock Raiders United or otherwise.

When you see a Needs Evidence tag, on a page, please discuss it or give any evidence you know of on the article's talk page.


Add the following code directly next to the misinformation: {{Needs evidence}}



Purple Energy Crystals give Monsters bad gas.


Purple Energy Crystals give Monsters bad gas{{Needs evidence}}.

NOTE TO EDITORS: Please do NOT add a category for these pages. This template and information page is intended *only* for minor pieces of unproved information on a page, NOT for a whole page.