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Various tools are used by the Rock Raiders for mining, repair, and defensive purposes. In the Windows version of LEGO Rock Raiders, Rock Raiders can be ordered to collect most tools through the Tool Menu. Rock Raiders start off with the ability to carry two tools at a time, and can be upgraded to carry a maximum of five tools. In the PlayStation version of LEGO Rock Raiders, tools and equipment can be found lying on the ground in caverns, and the player can pick them up by walking over them.

Standard tools

These are the standard tools used for mining, construction, and repairing purposes.


Get Drill icon

The drill is a jackhammer-like tool designed for drilling various weaker rock types. It is the most basic mining tool, as all Rock Raiders teleport down with one. In the Windows game, the drill takes four seconds to drill dirt, eight seconds to drill loose rock, and forty seconds to drill seams. In the PlayStation game, the drill take approximately two and a half seconds to drill dirt, and seven seconds to drill loose rock. Handheld drills cannot drill through hard rock.


Get Shovel icon

The shovel or spade is a tool used for clearing up rubble, either to make it easier for Rock Raiders to walk across, or to dig up useful ore that may be burred underneath it. It takes approximately ten seconds[verify] for a Rock Raider to shovel rubble. Rock Raiders are also depicted using shovels to build power paths and patch together lava-eroded terrain, despite being unnecessary for them to actually be carrying one for either task. This tool is only used in the Windows game.


Get Hammer icon

The hammer is a tool used for reinforcing walls to prevent them from causing landslides and cave-ins, and to stop monsters from emerging. This tool is only used in the Windows game.


Get Spanner icon

The spanner is a wrench used for repairing damaged buildings. Though Rock Raiders can carry spanners at any time, they must be trained as an engineer to repair buildings with them. This tool is only used in the Windows game.


Weapons are tools used by Rock Raiders to defend themselves and Rock Raider HQ from attacking creatures.

Laser Beam

Get Laser Beam icon
The Laser Beam pickup sprite

The Laser Beam is a powerful weapon that fires beams of focused energy. It can kill rock monsters and ice monsters in a single hit. It does almost no damage to lava monsters due to their extreme heat, nor does it affect the thick hide of slimy slugs very much. In the PlayStation game, the laser beam is powerful enough to blast through any drillable walls just as effectively as vehicle-mounted lasers. In this version, only monsters can be killed by a laser beam.

In the Windows game, the laser beam sometimes has a bug that causes all stored energy crystals to instantly be drained when fired on some newer computers.

Pusher Beam

Get Pusher Beam icon
The Pusher Beam pickup sprite

The Pusher Beam is a weapon that fires a force field ray that knock creatures back. In the Windows game, it does only a small amount of damage to all creatures, mostly just being useful for pushing them away from Rock Raider HQ. In the PlayStation game, the pusher beam can kill scorpions in three shots, but spiders and slimy slugs are only stunned, and monsters are just knocked back slightly without taking any damage. Rock whales are too large to be pushed, instead seeming to be irritated by it and walking in whatever direction they're facing.

Freezer Beam

Get Freezer Beam icon
The Freezer Beam pickup sprite

The Freezer Beam is a weapon that temporarily freezes creatures in an encasing of ice. In the Windows game, it freezes rock monsters with minimal damage, but does heavy damage to lava monsters. Ice monsters are immune due to being made of ice, and slimy slugs are unaffected as well for some reason. In the PlayStation game, the freezer beam doesn't actually fire a beam, instead being more defensive: it creates a temporary shield around the area where the player fired it, which spins in place for a few seconds. Any creatures that walk into this cloud are temporarily frozen, but do not take any damage. While it can't kill anything, it can be used alongside other weapons to give the player an easier shot at a creature by immobilizing it, or simply give the player a chance to escape from a creature.

Sonic Blaster

The Sonic Blaster is a small machine that can be activated and dropped to scare off nearby creatures. It does not require Action Stations to be activated; Rock Raiders must be manually ordered to use it. Following a short countdown after initial deployment, sonic blasters start emitting a startling noise and a display of light and smoke. Dropping one near a slimy slug will repel it temporarily. Once enough sonic blasters have been used, the slimy slug will retreat altogether. This tool is only used in the Windows game.

Sonic blasters have on occasion been known to cause game crashes, due to some part of the scaring animation file not working with some newer computers.[verify]


Pickups are tools that can't directly be used, and that the player can't directly order a Rock Raider to get. The tools in this list that are available in the Windows game can only be collected automatically when a job they're used in is ordered; the rest only exist in the PlayStation game, where the player must walk over them to collect them The instruction manual for the PlayStation game categorizes the below (except for dynamite) as equipment.


Dynamite is a powerful and dangerous explosive used for blasting through any type of rock faster than any drills can mine it.

In the Windows game, dynamite can be used by selecting a wall and pressing Use Dynamite. A Rock Raider must be trained as an explosives expert, or a Tool Store upgraded to Level 2, for dynamite to be used. Once it has been placed, Rock Raiders will start running away from the dynamite when the countdown timer reaches three seconds. A point-blank dynamite explosion does 150 damage, instantly killing anything too close to it, and anything within a two block radius of an explosion will take damage. Once a wall has been blasted, dynamite cannot be used on it again; while this is normally not an issue, it means seams can't be fully destroyed with dynamite, as seams must be mined four times before they completely collapse. Additionally, dynamite sometimes fails to destroy walls, forcing the player to use a vehicle to mine it.

Dynamite pickup

In the PlayStation game, dynamite can be picked up off the ground in caverns. Pressing the Square button on the PlayStation controller will drop dynamite where the player is standing. In the NTSC-U/C version, pressing Square again will trigger the dynamite to explode, and it will respawn to be picked up again immediately after the explosion. In the PAL version, dynamite will only explode when the fuse runs out, and each pickup can only be used once. Like in the Windows game, dynamite sometimes fails to destroy walls; however, it isn't as much of an issue in the NTSC-U/C version due to dynamite pickups respawning.


Laser Beam PowerCell pickup
Pusher Beam PowerCell pickup
Freezer Beam PowerCell pickup

PowerCells are ammunition packs that are needed to fire weapons in the PlayStation game. Each type of PowerCell recharges its respective weapon to allow it to be fired an additional number of times: 20 for the Pusher Beam, 10 for the Freezer Beam, and 5 for the Laser Beam. Picking up PowerCells with Sparks will allow for double these amounts of usage. Laser Beam PowerCells can also be used to recharge the mining lasers of the Small Mobile Laser Cutter, Large Mobile Laser Cutter, and Chrome Crusher.

Shield Recharge

Full Shield Recharge sprite

Shield Recharges are equipment pickups in the PlayStation version of LEGO Rock Raiders that recharge the energy shields of Rock Raiders and vehicles. Standard Shield Recharges refill some shield power[verify] How much?, while Full Shield Recharges refill all shield power back to 100%. Rock Raider Shield Recharges resemble glowing green orbs, and Full Shield Recharges are larger and brighter. Vehicle Shield Recharges resemble spinning wrenches, and Full Vehicle Shield Recharges are larger and yellow.

Radar Booster

Radar Boosters are equipment pickups exclusive to the PAL PlayStation version. Picking up one of the three types of Radar Boosters allows for the Radar to immediately start detecting and displaying the location of certain objects. Lifeform Radar Boosters allow the Radar to detect creatures, which display as red dots. Rock Raider Radar Boosters allow the Radar to detect lost Rock Raiders, which display as yellow dots. Item Radar Boosters allow the Radar to detect tools, equipment, Energy Crystals, and LEGO Ore, which display as green dots.

Other tools

These tools aren't treated as standard tools in the video games, or aren't used in at all and only appear in other Rock Raiders media.


The GeoScanner, also called the GeoLocater, is a binocular-like tool used for geological scanning. While it is not referred to directly in the Windows game, its imaged is used as the geologist icon, suggesting Rock Raiders that have been trained as geologists are using one independently of their actual carried tools. Additionally, GeoScanners are mounted onto some small vehicles when given a scanner upgrade. Rock Raiders and vehicles equipped with GeoScanners will scan the area around them, and hidden rock and caverns will appear on the Radar. Large vehicles and the Geological Center use large Radar Uplinks[verify] that function similarly, but are much more powerful.

The instruction manual for the PlayStation game refers to this tool by name, and the player starts off with one (though it has an unused pickup sprite). Pressing the R1 button zooms the camera out and highlights the surrounding walls with different shades of green; like in the Windows game, lighter shades indicate weaker walls. In the PAL version, the player can't move while using the GeoScanner, and picking up Radar Boosters can increase its scanning power; in the NTSC-U/C version, both of these features have been removed.

In other Rock Raiders media, GeoScanners are often used, but rarely referred to.


In the PlayStation game, the five playable Rock Raiders have a jetpack fitted onto their uniforms, allowing them to jump over narrow bodies of water and lava, and to escape from some attacking enemies. Jet's modified jetpack allows her to jump much further than the other Rock Raiders. In the PAL version, the player must wait for their jetpack to recharge before using it again, and using it before it's fully recharged will result in a shorter jump; in the NTSC-U/C version, recharging happens instantly upon landing back on the ground.

Rock saw

Circular rock saws are used frequently in the sets, and can even be seen in a few cutscenes, but aren't used in-game.


Scoops are giant cargo holds used for carrying large amounts of materials and equipment. The Chrome Crusher has a scoop mounted on it, but it is not usable in the video games. The Tunnel Transport also has a scoop, and in the PlayStation game it can use it to pick up large amounts of water and pour it over lava, cooling it into ground that vehicles can drive on.

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