Rapid Rush

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An Energy Crystal has been detected at the end of a long underground river. Unfortunately, we have also detected a hungry Rock Whale heading straight for it! This Crystal emits massive levels of power and is very rare, so I need you to use the Rapid Rider to get to the Energy Crystal before the Rock Whale does. We also believe there are more Energy Crystals hidden in caverns off the side of the river, but only attempt to get them if you think you have enough time to spare! Good luck!



Icy Terrain



Keep an eye of (sic) your shield, Rock Raider! If it gets too low I have to beam you out!


Pretty slick moves there, Rock Raider! You beat the Rock Whale to the Energy Crystal!


  • Bronze - 1 Energy Crystal, 1:33
  • Silver - 1 Energy Crystal, 1 Red Energy Crystal, 1:33
  • Gold - 1 Energy Crystal, 2 Red Energy Crystals, 1:33