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Level 23 - Back to Basics

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Collect 45 Energy Crystals

Cut Scene


OK, Rock Raider - are you ready for the next mission? Listen carefully, as this is a tough mission. We have located a cavern close to the center of this planet and we need to establish our Rock Raider HQ there, before the final push! The problem is that there is a very limited supply of Energy Crystals and Ore in the area, so only build what you really need. Be careful not to use too many resources, remember that every Energy Crystal counts and you'll need every last one if you are to achieve the forty-five total needed.



Rocky Terrain


This is one of the largest caverns in the game. Crystals are scattered throughout. Slimy Slugs will attack the base depending on how many crystals are stored. The closer Rock Raiders get to the objective, the more Slimy Slugs will attack. There is a small cavern to the left of the Rock Raider HQ with an island of Energy Crystals. If a Tool Store can be fitted there, they can be collected. There are also plentiful crystals in the northwest.


We needed forty-five Energy Crystals but you didn't manage to collect enough. Are you sure you didn't waste any? Mission failed.


You managed your base construction very well. The forty-five Energy Crystals you collected must have been very hard to get. We're getting very close to the end now. Good work! Mission complete.

Unlocked Level

Unlocked by

In other languages


Language Name Meaning
Czech Čeština Zpátky k základům
Danish Dansk Tilbage til begyndelsen
Dutch Nederlands Een beetje improviseren
French Français Retour aux origines
German Deutsch Auf Sparkurs
Hebrew עִבְרִית
כללי‬ם ק‬לי‬ם
Italian Italiano Ritorno al principio
Japanese 日本語
Korean 한국어
기초로 돌아가기
Norwegian Norsk Sjakt matt
Polish Polski Od podstaw.
Russian Русский
Вспомни о главном
Spanish Español Vuelta a la base
Swedish Svenska Basbehov