Search 'n' Rescue

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Level 7 - Search 'n' Rescue

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Find a missing Rock Raider.

Cut Scene


"Are you ready for some more action? One of our Rock Raiders has become lost while exploring distant caverns at the end of an underground river. Establish the Rock Raider HQ by building a Teleport Pad, Power Station and Support Station. Once you have achieved this, upgrade the Teleport Pad to Level 2 and transport down a Tunnel Scout. Send a Rock Raider to the Teleport Pad to train as a Pilot, then take the Tunnel Scout and explore the river until you find the missing Rock Raider!"




Icy Terrain


The lost Rock Raider lies at the top right corner of the map in a Hidden Cavern.


You didn't manage to use a Tunnel Scout to find the missing Rock Raider. Mission failed.


Wow! You trained a Pilot and used the Tunnel Scout to find our missing Rock Raider. Excellent! Mission complete.

Unlocked Level

Unlocked by