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Level 24 - Hot Stuff

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Cut Scene


Collect 45 Energy Crystals


OK, Rock raider, this mission is very dangerous, so listen carefully! We have discovered an area rich in Energy Crystals and Ore. We need you to establish the Rock Raider HQ and begin mining - we need to collect forty-five Energy Crystals. Warning: The location is dangerously close to the base of a volcano, so great care must be taken to avoid breaching any lava flows in and around the cavern. Good luck, Rock Raider.



Molten Terrain


The most abundant areas of Energy Crystals and Seams lie at the top of the map where they are in danger of getting taken out by the Eroding Lava. There are almost no crystals outside of seams. Disabling the rubble priority will prevent Rock Raiders from running across the map to clear the rubble, allowing operations to be conducted closer to the starting position.


It seems that forty-five Energy Crystals was beyond your capability. Never mind, you can try again. Mission failed.


Collecting forty-five Energy Crystals in those conditions must have been really tough. Well done! We only need another fifty Energy Crystals and we can go home. Mission complete.

Unlocked Level


Unlocked by

In other languages


Language Name Meaning
Czech Čeština Žhavíme
Danish Dansk Hedetur
Dutch Nederlands Een heet vuur
French Français Chaud devant !
German Deutsch Heiße Angelegenheit
Hebrew עִבְרִית
ענ‬י‬נ‬י‬ם לו‬הט‬י‬ם
Italian Italiano Roba che scotta
Japanese 日本語
Korean 한국어
뜨거운 물질
Norwegian Norsk Heite saker
Polish Polski Gorący towar.
Russian Русский
Огненное чрево
Spanish Español Lazos ardientes
Swedish Svenska Fara för utbrott