Smoke on the Water

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Our technicians think they have managed to fix the Hyperdrive on the LMS Explorer. They want to run some tests to check it is working okay, but all our Energy Crystal reserves have been used up! Luckily, the scanners have detected Energy Crystals in a new chamber, and I'd like you to go and find them. I don't mean to rush you, Rock Raider, but it's essential that the technicians begin their tests as soon as possible - the sooner the Hyperdrive works, the sooner we can get home!



Rocky Terrain



You've got to look after yourself better, Rock Raider - your shield was totally out.


Many thanks, Rock Raider! The technicians have started their tests and it seems that, although there a few bugs to fix, we're closer to getting home!


  • Bronze - 10 Energy Crystals
  • Silver - 10 Energy Crystals, 4 Red Energy Crystals
  • Gold - 10 Energy Crystals, 8 Red Energy Crystals

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Danish Dansk Problemer over drevet?
Dutch Nederlands Rook op het water
English English Smoke On The Water
Finnish Suomi Savua ja vettä
French Français Hyper...urgent !
German Deutsch Rauch über dem Wasser
Italian Italiano Acqua fumante
Norwegian Norsk Som en røyk
Spanish Español Humo en el agua
Swedish Svenska Vattenrök


  • The name of this level is a reference to the song "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple.
    • All language versions are direct translations of this except for Danish and French.