Water Lot Of Fun

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Level 11 - Water Lot of Fun

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Collect 15 Energy Crystals

Cut Scene


I hope you don't mind water, Rock Raider! An underground river has burst its banks and devastated Rock Raider HQ! All that is left, is the Docks. There are still valuable Energy Crystals to be recovered and we must continue our mining operation. Build a new base on the opposite bank of the river and ferry equipment to the other side to re-establish Rock Raider HQ! Once the base is operational, collect fifteen Energy Crystals.



Rocky Terrain


In addition to establishing a base on the other side, you can also connect the two bases together through an extensive network of tunnels and Hidden Caverns. To complete the level quickly, mine every wall on the starting side of the map. There are just enough crystals there.


You didn't set up a new base and collect fifteen Energy Crystals. Mission failed.


You're getting very good. All fifteen Energy Crystals were recovered. Mission complete.

Unlocked Level

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