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Jet is one of the six main Characters from Rock Raiders.

Personality and Specialties

Jet was in the millitary before she became a Rock Raider. Because of this, Jet is the most courageous and strong-willed of the Rock Raiders, and she is also a very skilled pilot. Jet is always ready to take on new, exciting challenges. Her piloting skills are legendary; ready for any challenge, she always approaches her missions with a level head. Jet will never shirk a difficult task and has great problem-solving skills. Onboard the L.M.S. Explorer, her position is Flight Lieutenant. Jet's favorite vehicles are the Hover Scout and the Tunnel Transport.

Appearances in the PC Game

Jet handling a situation with typical enthusiasm.

Jet appears in the five following Cut Scenes:

She can also be seen in-game announcing the discovery of Materials, as well as saying the names of Materials and flying/hovering Vehicles, as well as the "Train as Pilot" option.

Role in the Playstation Game

In the Playstation game, Jet is one of the five playable characters. Jet can fly vehicles faster, and her special jetpack allows her to leap over rivers.

Lego Set Appearances

Jet is in more Lego Sets than any other Character, appearing in seven different Lego Sets:

Other Roles

Jet is the narrator of High Adventure Deep Underground.