Ice Spy

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Level 15 - Ice Spy

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Collect 25 Energy Crystals

Cut Scene


Our mining operation has been going smoothly - until now. We have detected a number of small caverns and we suspect they contain Ice Monsters. We must avoid disturbing them or be faced with a catastrophe! Nearby, there are other caves with an abundance of Energy Crystals and Ore. Find a way to get to them, without disturbing the Ice Monsters, and then collect twenty-five Energy Crystals.



Icy Terrain


There are several massive caverns that contain Lakes surrounded by Sleeping Ice Monsters. There is one of these at the very bottom of the map with an abundance of Seams and Energy Crystals.


Bad luck! You didn't manage to collect twenty-five Energy Crystals. Mission failed.


The Ice Monsters were no match for you and the twenty-five Energy Crystals were collected safely. Well done! Mission complete.

Unlocked Level

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