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Level 18 - Oresome!

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Collect 35 energy crystals.

Cut Scene


We are getting sketchy reports of an attack on Rock Raider HQ, by Lava Monsters. Nobody was injured, but it appears that the monsters have totally destroyed the Power Paths that connected and supplied energy to the buildings. We must restore power to Rock Raider HQ to continue the mining operation and collect thirty-five Energy Crystals. There are also reports that a dam, which stemmed the flow of a lava river, has been breached and is threatening to engulf the entire area. I suggest that you get some Loader Dozers on the scene immediately.



Molten Terrain


There are several hidden caverns that stand near the eroding lava. The sooner Rock Raiders get to these, the better.


You didn't reconnect the power and collect thirty-five Energy Crystals. Mission failed.


I hope your (sic) not too hot! Well done on getting all thirty-five Energy Crystals. Mission complete.

Unlocked Level

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