Rock Hard

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Level 13 - Rock Hard

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Collect 20 Energy Crystals

Cut Scene


We have located a cave that is rich with Energy Crystal seams and Ore deposits. Unfortunately, the cavern is too small for large drilling vehicles, and Hard Rock is blocking our progress. Positioning our buildings will be critical, as there is hardly any floor space! Once you have established the Rock Raider HQ, train a Rock Raider to use Dynamite and collect twenty Energy Crystals.



Rocky Terrain


Slimy Slugs will attack on this level based on the amount of Rock Raiders that have been teleported. If the right number is kept, the Slimy Slugs won't bother any Rock Raiders. Also, there are several caverns on the right and left ends of the map that have Lakes.


You didn't collect twenty Energy Crystals. Never mind, there will be a next time. Mission failed.


Your planning skills were very good in that confined space and you collected all twenty Energy Crystals. Outstanding! Mission complete.

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