Whale Song

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Some essential Energy Crystals have been detected in an underground tunnel system and I need you to find them. The tunnels are inhabited by several Rock Whales. Although peaceful, these creatures are large and very fast moving, so it's best not to get in their way! Our scientists have made two major discoveries about the Rock Whales: 1: they can jump into water to form bridges, and 2: sleeping Rock Whales can be made to move with a quick blast from the Pusher Beam. Remember this information, as it may prove useful. Once you've collected sufficient Energy Crystals, return to the ship via the Teleport Pad.



Rocky Terrain



I told you to take care, Rock Raider! Your shield was dangerously low!


You got the Energy Crystals! 'Whale' done, Rock Raider!


  • Bronze - 8 Energy Crystals
  • Silver - 8 Energy Crystals, 4 Red Energy Crystals
  • Gold - 8 Energy Crystals, 8 Red Energy Crystals