LEGO Rock Raiders cutscenes

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Cutscenes are animations that expand on the story of LEGO Rock Raiders found in the PC Game. They feature all the Characters and tell of how they arrived at Planet U, their adventures below the surface, and their escape.

There are a total of 14 cutscenes in the game:

  • The Intro Sequence (intro.avi)
  • The Bat Scene (mbats.avi)
  • The Slugs Scene (which contains three parts: slugs1.avi slugs2.avi and slugs3.avi)
  • The Landslide Scene (landslid.avi)
  • The Waterfall Scene (waterfal.avi)
  • The Lava Monster Scene (which contains two parts: lavajug1.avi and lavajug2.avi)
  • The Rock Monster Scene (which contains two parts: rock1.avi and rock2.avi)
  • The Lava Chase Scene (which contains two parts: lavacha1.avi and lavacha2.avi)
  • The Outro Sequence (which has two versions: outro1.avi and outro2.avi)

Except for the intro and outro sequences, which play on start-up and on completing the game respectively, all the cutscenes play before Levels.


The Asteroid Field in the Beginning of the Sequence
The L.M.S. Explorer gets sucked into the wormhole

The Intro Sequence consists of intro.avi. It is the first cutscene of the Rock Raiders PC Game. It gives the back story on how the Rock Raiders got to Planet U and why they needed Energy Crystals. It introduces to all the six Characters, and the L.M.S. Explorer. The Intro Sequence plays whenever the game is started unless cutscene are turned off. It is 4 minutes and 14 seconds long.


  • intro.avi can be watched: Here

While traveling through space near a large planet-like object, the L.M.S. Explorer is hit by a small Asteroid. While not appearing to cause any damage, it shakes up the crew and alerts them to the presence of the asteroid field they are entering. Chief orders Docs to inspect the damage on the nearby computer terminal. Docs finds that there is a large Wormhole opening up behind the ship. Chief orders Jet to set the ship's engines to full power so they can avoid getting sucked into it.

All is going well until Docs notices that there appears to be an enormous asteroid which is getting pulled towards the wormhole is heading straight for the ship. A large screen drops down and the crew gathers together to take a look at the asteroid, and once seeing the size of the thing, begin to panic. Axle gets hit in the head with Sparks wrench and Bandit gets stuck in the back door. As Chief tries to calm the crew, the large asteroid collides with the ship rolling across the top and hitting the command deck.

Both the asteroid and the ship then get sucked into the wormhole and then tossed out into unknown territory. The ship is still intact, though having power problems, and the anti-gravity system is off. Sparks floats over to turn it back on, causing everyone to fall down. Chief looks out the command deck to see they are in another Star System. Axle checks a nearby computer to see where they've ended up. It appears that the wormhole has taken them not just to a different system but to a completely different galaxy. Chief orders Sparks to look for a nearby source of power.

Energy Crystals are detected in abundance in a nearby planet, Planet U. Chief then shows Docs and Jet that the crystals are deep underground and orders them to teleport down to the planet. They wave goodbye to the rest of the crew and head down into a large hangar, with Jet riding on a Hover Scout. Docs gives the go ahead to Chief and they are teleported to the planet.


Axle running from the Bats

The Bat Scene consists of mbats.avi. It is the first (and last) Level cutscene of Rock Raiders PC Game. It is a short scene depicted not long after they began mining Planet U, starring Axle. It plays before the levels Driller Night! and Rocky Horror. It is only 21 seconds long.


  • mbats.avi can be watched: Here

Axle is walking down a long cave by himself when strange goo drops onto his visor from the ceiling. The strange goo turns out to be bat guano and Axle looks up to see around a dozen Bats staring back at him. Axle runs away and the Bats chase after him.


Sparks hiding under Truck while Slugs run rampant
Jet looking for Sparks and Axle (in the background)

The Slugs Scene consists of three parts: slugs1.avi, slugs2.avi, and slugs3.avi. The first is played before The Path to Power and Rubble Trouble. The second is played before A Breath Of Fresh Air, It's a Hold Up, and Explosive Action. The third is played before Search 'n' Rescue and Breathless. Starring all of the Characters except Chief (but primarily Sparks and Axle), it depicts a typical mining operation being interrupted by the presence by Slimy Slugs. The first part is a minute and 5 seconds long, the second a minute and 6 seconds, and the third a minute and 2 seconds.


  • slugs1.avi can be watched: Here
  • slugs2.avi can be watched: Here
  • slugs3.avi can be watched: Here
  • Or all three parts can be watched together: Here

Part 1 (slugs1.avi)

Axle and Sparks drilling alone in a cavern filled with Snakes and Small Spiders. A small earthquake causes a Cave-In, knocking the both of them down. To remedy the problem Axle leads Sparks to a Small Digger filled with Energy Crystals with a walkie-talkie sitting on it. Axle picks it up and gets lots of static. He then tells Sparks to stay where he is while he goes to get help.

Later two Slimy Slugs appear out of a small hole in the wall, jump out, and look around inquisitively.

Part 2 (slugs2.avi)

The two Slugs go up to the Small Digger, jump on, and begin to drain the crystals, much to Sparks' frustration. Meanwhile, Axle further along the cavern after talking on the walkie-talkie is passed by a horde of Snakes and Small Spiders, which Axle hates. He then returns to the main cavern to see the Slimy Slugs zooming around wildly the Small Digger on the energy of the crystals, with Sparks hiding under the digger.

Axle groans and picks up an fully charged Energy Crystal off the ground. He then whistles over to the Slimy Slugs which stop immediately and look excitedly at the crystal he's holding. He then waves the crystal and tosses it over to the small hole from which they came. Axle and Sparks then place Dynamite at the entrance to their small hole and then run over to the switch.

Part 3 (slugs3.avi)

The two Slugs sniff the Dynamite and look at each other. In the other side of the cavern, Axle and Sparks countdown and push the switch, but nothing happens. Sparks goes off to look what happened and finds the wire has been frayed and disconnected. Forgetting that the switch was down, Sparks then reconnects the two wires and the Dynamite blows up in their faces.

Later, Bandit is pushing away some boulders from the Cave-In. Docs and Jet then come swooping in on Hover Scouts and find the thrown switch looking for Sparks and Axle. Docs finds them stuck flat against the back wall from the explosion. Sparks unsticks himself and lands on his head.


Sparks attempts to drill the stubborn wall

The Landslide Scene consists of landslid.avi. It is played before Frozen Frenzy. It is a fairly short scene, 40 seconds long, starring Jet and Sparks, where Sparks is trying to mine a particularly hard wall.


  • landslid.avi can be watched: Here

Mining operations are underway as Sparks walks past a Loader Dozer carrying a Drill. Multiple Docs and Sparks figures can seen in the background. Sparks walks up to a wall and attempts to drill it, but is unable to get through it. A Slimy Slug comes up to see what he's doing. Sparks tries again as Jet drives up in a Hover Scout. Cracks begin to form in the wall and Sparks backs away carefully but is knocked down by the ensuing Landslide. As Jet walks up to make sure he's ok, Sparks pushes a boulder off of him and pops up revealing the Energy Crystal he found.


The rarely seen surface base

The Waterfall Scene consists of waterfal.avi. It is played before Erode Works and Water Lot of Fun. It is a fairly short scene starring Docs, Axle, and Sparks, and is only 30 seconds long.


  • waterfal.avi can be watched: Here

Near the surface of Planet U, the Rock Raiders maintaining the rarely seen surface base operations. A base with a large crane can be seen in the background. Axle can be seen driving in on a Small Transport Truck next to Sparks, while Docs is surveying the take-off of the Tunnel Transport, which then descends down into the depths of the planet.

Lava Juggling

Docs juggles the crystals surrounded by Lava Monsters

The Lava Monster Scene consists of two parts: lavajug1.avi and lavajug2.avi. The first part is played before Water Works, Rock Hard, and Don't Panic!; the second is played before before Ice Spy and Split Down The Middle. It stars Docs and a few Lava Monsters. The first part is 55 seconds and the second part is 30 seconds.


  • lavajug1.avi can be watched Here
  • lavajug2.avi can be watched Here
  • Or both can be viewed together Here

Part 1 (lavajug1.avi)

Docs discovers a cavern filled with Lava, Bats, Snakes, and of particular interest three Energy Crystals. Docs warily looks around the room to make sure its safe and then runs over to the crystals. As he picks up the crystals, the ground begins to shake and a large Lava Monster breaks out of the wall and roars.

Part 2 (lavajug2.avi)

Two more Lava Monsters drop behind Docs, who by now is shivering with fear. Surrounded by the Lava Monsters, he's struck with an idea, and begins to juggle the three energy crystals. The Lava Monsters become hypnotized watching the juggling crystals, and with one quick swoop he tosses one of the crystals high up in the air. While the Lava Monsters are distracted by the flying crystal, he makes a break for it with the other two, and the Lava Monsters are left roaring in anger after being tricked. Docs then drives away with the two energy crystals in a Small Transport Truck.

Rock Monster

Axle and Docs discuss the mining operations
Docs shivers in terror alone in front of the Rock Monster

The Rock Monster Scene consists of two parts: rock1.avi and rock2.avi. The first part is played before Lava Laughter, the second is played before Oresome! and Fire 'n' Water. It stars Docs, Axle, Sparks, and Bandit. The first part is only 22 seconds while the second part is 42 seconds.


  • rock1.avi can be watched: Here
  • rock2.avi can be watched: Here
  • Or both can be viewed together: Here

Part 1 (rock1.avi)

In a large cavern with flowing Lava, Docs and Sparks going over some plans laid out on a small clipboard. Meanwhile, Sparks is walking on his own, also carrying the clipboard, near a Chrome Crusher. Unbeknownst to the Rock Raiders, a Rock Monster awakens in the ceiling, with its eyes glowing red.

Part 2 (rock2.avi)

The Rock Monster detaches itself from the ceiling, drawing the attention of Sparks who is right below it. Sparks tosses the clipboard and runs in panic. Bandit similarly drops his sawdrill and runs (the sawdrill, which is still on rolls along the ground). The Rock Monster turns around to see Docs and Axle tiptoeing alongside the Chrome Crusher trying not to be heard. The Rock Monster starts walking towards them, making the both of them very nervous, slowly backing away. Axle makes a dash for it leaving Docs alone in front of the Rock Monster.

Docs, who is petrified, is shivering and sweating profusely. The Rock Monster makes a grab in his direction causing Docs to flinch, but the Monster instead grabs an Energy Crystal that was sitting in the Chrome Crusher. The Rock Monster then cradles the crystal and walks away. Docs gives a sigh and slumps down beside the Chrome Crusher in relief, while Axle pokes his head out of the Chrome Crusher to see if the coast is clear.

Lava Chase

Docs and Axle try to escape the rushing Lava
Docs and Axle drive off the edge of the giant cavern

The Lava Chase Scene consists of two parts: lavacha1.avi and lavacha2.avi. The first part is played before Run The Gauntlet, Air Raiders, and Lake of Fire, the second is played before Back to Basics and Hot Stuff. It stars Axle, Docs, and Jet. The first part is 49 seconds, while the second part is 50 seconds.


  • lavacha1.avi can be watched: Here
  • lavacha2.avi can be watched: Here
  • Or both parts can be watched together: Here

Part 1 (lavacha1.avi)

Docs and Axle are alone in a cavern with Axle sitting in a Small Transport Truck. Docs walks up and hands him a clipboard. Axle takes the clipboard when suddenly wind starts blowing and tears the page off the clipboard. Axle and Docs look at each other and the ground begins to shake. Docs backs up trying to figure out whats happening and looks towards the end of the tunnel. The tunnel begins to glow orange and a large tidal wave of lava filling up the whole tunnel comes heading straight for them. Docs starts running and Axle starts the engine of the Small Transport Truck.

Docs jumps onto the back of the truck just in time as the lava catches up to them. The both of them skid through the tunnel and around a corner to find a Slimy Slug also fleeing from the lava. The Slimy Slug looks at them and then takes off at top speed. Axle confusedly looks at Docs as they approach a split in the tunnel as the Slimy Slug rushes off to the left tunnel. Axle, not looking where he is going, turns around to see they are about to collide with the split.

Part 2 (lavacha2.avi)

Axle skids to avoid collision into the right tunnel, the Lava following close behind. The Small Transport Truck breaks through several barriers, clearly marked "WARNING: Extreme Hazard." They drive down the tunnel drive the truck off a ledge into one of the enormous deep main caverns. The two tumble off the truck and plunge deep into the cavern. The Slimy Slug watches from a small hole in the cavern and shakes his head.

Meanwhile, Jet is flying a Tunnel Transport down the cavern from the surface base. As she is flying down she notices a falling Small Transport Truck pass by. Surprised by this, she then looks up to see Docs and Axle tumble past her. Thinking fast, she flies the Tunnel Transport down in a nosedive as fast as she can to try to save them. She flies below them and heroically catches them on the top of the cockpit.


The L.M.S. Explorer begins the journey back home

The Outro Sequence consists of either outro1.avi or outro2.avi. It is the last cutscene of the Rock Raiders PC Game. It shows the Rock Raiders leaving Planet U. The Outro Sequence plays whenever Rocky Horror is completed. It stars Sparks, Jet, Docs, and Chief. If you have completed all twenty-five levels, outro2.avi will play; if not, outro1.avi will. outro1.avi is 49 seconds long, outro2.avi is 44 seconds long.


  • outro1.avi can be watched: Here
  • outro2.avi can be watched: Here
  • Or both parts can be watched together: TODO

The L.M.S. Explorer is seen orbiting Planet U. The ship's power is still dangerously low, shown by many of the lights flickering out. Docs, Jet and Sparks arrive at one of the engine rooms by elevator to power up the ship. Sparks walks into the room carrying a large pile of Energy Crystals, but slips on a small step and falls. Sparks groans on the ground while Docs shakes his head.

Later, Sparks and Jet place the last of the energy crystals into the ship's power supply, fully charging a nearby fuel rod. The power is activated and the ship comes to life, as all the lights flicker on. Chief gives the go ahead and the engines are activated.

Semi-Complete Ending (outro1.avi)

In this ending, the L.M.S. Explorer's thrusters fire, and the ship slowly moves off through space, showing they might not have full power but just enough to get home. The Credits then roll.

100% Complete Ending (outro2.avi)

If all missions are complete, after Chief gives the command to activate the engines, he gives a happy sigh and gazes out the command module's windscreen. The stars outside of the window stretch and the L.M.S. Explorer jumps to warp speed towards home. The warping stars then fade into the Credits.