Captain Redbeard

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Redbeard doing a short pirate jig before racing in his Circuit
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Captain Roger Redbeard is a Character that appears as the Hosting Champion of Circuit 1 in the first LEGO Racers.

Description and Traits

Redbeard racing in the Intro

Roger Redbeard is an infamous pirate captain, whose name is loosely inspired by the real life pirate Blackbeard. He has a peg leg and a hook for a hand, as well as an eyepatch and messy red beard (hence his namesake). He originally appeared in the [[LEGO Pirate]s] theme (though with varying appearances and clothing).

In-game, he drives a long yellow car with ladders on the side, a treasure chest on the front, and a pirate flag in between two exhaust pipes on the back. When racing, his favorite Power-Up is the Cannon Ball, and will almost always pick up Red Bricks and only occasionally picking up White Bricks. Having a relatively fast car, he can easily get ahead of the other racers and take out any that get ahead of him with a cannon ball. The best strategy for winning against him is to get ahead of him and use plenty of Shields and Traps.

Car Set

Captain Redbeard's car set, which is unlocked after completing his circuit in first place, includes:

His minifigure, chassis, several guns, oars, and swords, a map, barrel, backpack, flags, parrot, treasure chest, and several yellow and red sloped pieces and backrest.