The Path To Power

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Level 2 - The Path to Power

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(Note: This level was originally set to be Level 5, so its Level Files are in the "Level05" folder, and are also marked this way in the Lego.cfg file.)


Construct a Power Station.

Cut Scene


OK, Rock Raider - we must begin the construction of Rock Raider HQ. We need a Power Station. Upgrade the Tool Store and build a section of Power Path next to it. Next, build the Teleport Pad and upgrade it. Build another section of Power Path next to the Teleport Pad. When you have collected enough Energy Crystals and Ore, construct the Power Station. Be very careful, Rock Raider, the walls of the cavern are unstable and may need reinforcing!



Rocky Terrain




You didn't construct a Power Station. Bad luck! Mission failed.


Good work! You successfully constructed the Power Station. Mission complete.

Unlocked Levels

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