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Spiders are the one of the most common lifeforms on Planet U. There are two different types of spiders, Small Spiders, and Large Spiders.

Small Spiders

The Small Spider's In-Game Sprite

Small Spiders are the least threatening Enemies in the PC Game. As their name suggests, they seem to be similar to tarantulas, but yellow in color, and with only two large eyes. They scuttle around on the ground at around 2 square/sec (20% this speed on Rubble), and are found nearly everywhere. They are either young versions, or cousins of Large Spiders. During gameplay they appear as 2-dimensional sprites on the ground. They are the only enemy (besides Tiny Monsters) that does not appear on the Main Radar, however, they can be locked on to in the Target Radar Screen.

A Small Spider by Ore


The only threat that Small Spiders pose to Rock Raiders is being a very minor annoyance. They are coated in a slippery substance to keep bats from eating them. If a Rock Raider steps on it, he'll slip on it (killing the spider of course) and drop what he's doing momentarily, but then go right back to work. Small Spiders will roam around the map until they are either stepped on, or they find a Wall to go back into. Rock Raiders that are hungry often become confused upon slipping on a spider and occasionally forget what he was doing. This can be problematic if they were carrying a Construction Barrier or Dynamite.


Other than stepping on them, there is really no defense or need for any against these little creatures. They can be scared away by a Sonic Blaster however.

Large Spiders

File:Large Spiders.jpg
Large Spiders in PC Game

The Large Spider is a fairly dangerous Enemy in the PlayStation Game. They are very similar to Small Spiders, but are of course, much larger in size and much more threatening. They were going to appear in the PC Game of the game, but were cut out in the Beta Stages and only appear in the PS1 Game. A few successful attempts have been made to get it in the PC version by Modification.

Large Spider Sprite


Unlike their smaller cousin, these spiders have fangs full of deadly poison that can do damage to Rock Raiders. They also can create giant spider webs that can trap Rock Raiders and even Rock Monsters. However, by default, they move rather slowly, at only 0.3 squares/sec.


In the Playstation Game, Pusher and Freezer Beams can slow them down, but there is no known way to get rid of them.