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LEGO Racers

Cheat codes in LEGO Racers are activated by setting a driver's name to the code in the license editor. Once activated, the cheat will apply to all racers, not just the player's character. Cheat codes will not work in circuit mode or time races. The character used to activate the cheat code can be renamed, and the previous code will remain activated until the game is quit. Entering the code again, or simply re-saving the license without editing it at all, will disable it.

Note that some power up cheat codes conflict and will overwrite each other. PGLLGRN, PGLLRD, PGLLYLL, and RPCRNLY are all incompatible, and only one of them can be used at once; MXPMX and RPCRNLY are also incompatible with each other. Additionally, NCHSSS, NDRVR, and NWHLS can't all be used together – entering all three of these will cause the first of these cheats entered to be disabled, preventing cars from becoming completely invisible.

Cheat Effect
FLYSKYHGH Causes all cars to have a permanent Flying Turbo Boost active
FSTFRWRD Causes the game to run at double speed during races
LNFRRRM Mirrors Rocket Racer Run
MXPMX Sets all power ups to maximum level
NCHSSS Makes car chassis appear invisible
NMRCHTS Disables all active cheats
NDRVR Makes drivers appear invisible
NSLWJ Allows cars to drive off-road without slowing down
NWHLS Makes car wheels appear invisible
RPCRNLY Forces all power ups to be the Grappling Hook
PGLLGRN Forces all power ups to be green bricks/Turbo power ups
PGLLRD Forces all power ups to be red bricks/Projectile power ups
PGLLYLL Forces all power ups to be yellow bricks/Hazard power ups

LEGO Racers 2

Cheat Effect
Unlock Mars tracks in Arcade mode
Unlock Xalax tracks in Arcade mode
Play as Cassiopeia
Play with a wide-angle camera
This code must be used on a pause menu


Cheat Effect
CASTLE Sets the in-game music to the Castle music
COLDHARDCASH Get 5000 coins
DIE Instantly closes the game
DIGGER Repairs all existing bridges
EGYPT Sets the in-game music to the Egyptian music
HARDASNAILS Disables rides breaking down
INCA Sets the in-game music to the Incan music
STOP Disables music
THEME Sets the in-game music to the normal LEGOLAND music
WEST Sets the in-game music to the Western music