Lava Laughter

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Level 17 - Lava Laughter

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Collect Thirty Energy Crystals

Cut Scene


OK, Rock Raider - are you ready for the next mission? The geological scanners have located a cavern system that has an abundance of Energy Crystals and Ore. Your mission is simple, build a Rock Raider HQ and collect thirty Energy Crystals. The mission may sound like an easy task for somebody of your capability, however, the scanners have been playing up again and I don't want you to take any chances... Good luck, Rock Raider.



Molten Terrain


On the right there is a very large Hidden Cavern with a large lake of Lava, Sleeping Lava Monsters, and tonnes of Energy Crystals. Some electric fences are useful, while Rock Raiders should arm themselves with Freezer Beams and and at least one Small Transport Truck with the cargo hold and engine upgrade should be used.


We needed thirty Energy Crystals but you didn't get them all. Bad luck! Mission failed.


Good work! All thirty Energy Crystals were collected. Mission complete.

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