Alien Rally Asteroid

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Alien Rally Asteroid is the last race of the third circuit and the first race of the sixth circuit (mirrored) of the first LEGO Racers game. The track does not appear in the Game Boy Color version, but Rocket Racer Run is based off of it, while Gypsy Moth strangely represents Magma Moon Marathon.


Alien Rally Asteroid is actually a merge of elements from the Insectoids and UFO subthemes of Space. Both of these subthemes, along with Roboforce, came out around the same time, having Insectoids be the neutral faction (though they were often portrayed as being villain-like) and UFO being the villain faction. On the race course, the tunnels lined with blue, hive-like hexagons account for the Insectoids part of the track and are filled with Beta Buzzers, Zotaxians and Gigabots; however, the external areas on the surface of the planet resemble the backdrop used in the UFO boxart, and various flying saucers move quickly across or hover above the surface. The UFO faction and the track itself is represented by Alpha Dragonis, while the Insectoids faction is represented by Gypsy Moth, the hosting champion for Circuit 6.

Track Layout

The view from the starting line

Right after the starting line is a twisting path that starts by turning to the right, then, after turning back and forth gently, turns left and drops down into a tunnel. The twisting path contains a Cyber Saucer with a tractor beam that circles around the area, attempting to pull the racers backwards. The tunnel that the path drops into is a hive tunnel full of Insectoid equiptment. The tunnel turns to the right and lets out into an open area with a strange floating device letting out a spinning Lightning Wand (possibly a "bug zapper"); going to the left will go down a narrow path full of power plus bricks, but increases the chance of being struck by the want.. To the right is another hive tunnel1, which winds along for quite some ways. It lets out into a stretch of winding road leading up to the starting line. Along this path are a Cyber Saucer and an Alien Avenger, though they do not do anything.


  • 1In the second hive tunnel, there is a door with the UFO Alien mask design printed on it. If shot with a Red Brick Power-Up, it dissolves, revealing a hidden passage with enough materials for a Warp Turbo Boost. The shortcut lets out at the end of the regular tunnel.


At the beginning of the first lap, the player needs to drive under the Cyber Saucer with no Shield or Turbo power up. Just when the tractor beam starts to drag the player back, the player must pause the game and restart the race or circuit. If done correctly, the race will begin again, but the player's will to jump out of its spot onto the location where the hosting champion (who randomly warped away) should be. A bug causes the hosting champion to warp out to another location; the hosting champion races along the same programmed path, but the area he/she races on is moved half of the map to the left. This works for both Basil the Bat Lord and Gypsy Moth, although with the former the game must be in a Single Race, as playing in a Circuit Race will take the player back to Knightmare-athon.