LEGO Racers (mobile game)

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LEGO Racers released in January 2007 is a mobile phone exclusive kart racing Video Game based on popular LEGO themes. It was developed by Kiloo and published by Hands On Mobile. There are five playable characters and fifteen tracks.


There are fifteen tracks in the game, and five themed environments.


  • Sand Box
  • Shallow Waters
  • Treasure Island


  • Moon Walk
  • Laser Chasm
  • Final Frontier


  • Roundabout
  • Road Block
  • Magnetic Fields


  • Rookies Canyon
  • Molten Tracks
  • Lava Legend


  • Ice Scape
  • Frozen Bricks
  • Freezer Frenzy


There are several kinds of powerups in the races.

  • Bonus credits - Automatically added to your score as you collect them. They are used to purchase upgrades, they also increase your overall score.
  • Nitro boost - Just like the nitro bought with prize credits. This is used to give your car a short boost of speed and acceleration.
  • Shield - Activates when collected. It protects your car from damage whilst it is active.
  • Health - Activates when collected. Completely repairs your car.
  • Banana weapon - Activate with the fire key. Drop the banana behind your car, the other cars will slide if they hit it.
  • Missile weapon - Activate with the fire key. Fire a missile forwards at your opponents.
  • Zap weapon - Activate with the fire key. Damages any nearby cars.
  • Special weapon - Activate with the fire key. Each different car gets a special weapon it can drop.


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