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Rock Raiders United is a community devoted to the computer game Rock Raiders and its sets.

It was founded on 31st July, 2008, by Cyrem. On 7th September, 2009, the forum left Zetaboards and moved to its current location at

RRU is a dedicated Modding Community for the game. The original RRU Community Forum had 23,713 posts and 307 members. The new site has over 4,300 members and 96,000 posts (status as of 22nd August, 2014). Community Members can use the forum to chat about the game, or things in general, as well as submit their own contributions to the game or the community.

Rock Raiders United went down in May 2017, and returned in June with a message that the entire site was undergoing a software upgrade and heavy forum and member restructuring.

On 6 March 2018, the RRU Legacy Wiki shut down.