Magma Moon Marathon

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Magma Moon Marathon is the third race of the first circuit and second race of the fourth circuit (mirrored) in LEGO Racers. In the Game Boy Color version, it is the third race of the third circuit, and the first race of the sixth circuit (mirrored).


Magma Moon Marathon is based off of the Space subtheme Exploriens. The track is on the blue, volcanic moon featured in this subtheme, sometimes referred to as Mondo II. The Exploriens have set up a base here and are hunting for fossils. Two characters from this subtheme were chosen as racers: Ann Droid and Nova Hunter - the latter of these representing the Space theme in Rocket Racer Run.

Track layout

The view from the starting line

The track starts in an Explorien outpost. At the end of a straight stretch, the track turns right, then curves back to the left into a cave. The cave is filled with lava, with a stone bridge surrounded by laser fences going across. Once at the other end, there is a small volcanic area with hot rocks leaping between volcanic vents; these rocks will knock a racer off-course. The track curves left and passes a large rock piece on the left1. There is a long stretch of track with three sets of arches; each set has an arch shinning a red light and another shining a blue light2. At the end of this stretch, the track makes a sharp left curve around the Android Base (from the set 6958 Android Base), then stretches to the finish line.


The secret Spyrian tunnel
  • 1If any of the racers activates a Shield power up, the rock flashes white. The player can then move straight through this rock into a tunnel with a hidden Spyrian base. The tunnel dumps out by the Android Base.
  • 2Next to the Android Base is a sign with three squares, either red or blue. Traveling through the arches in respect to the colors on the sign will open up the Android Base, allowing the player to pass through.


On the curve next to the Android Base, making a sharp turn inwards after collecting the white brick and activating a Warp Turbo Boost will take the player to a glitched area where the background is duplicating as the player falls, then the player will return to where they were before the power-up was used. However, the HUD will now say that the player is one lap ahead of what they were before activating the glitch.