Ice Planet Pathway

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Ice Planet Pathway is the third race of the second circuit and the second race of the fifth circuit (mirrored) of the first LEGO Racers game. In the Game Boy Color version, it is the second race of both the third circuit, and the sixth circuit (mirrored).


Ice Planet Pathway is based off of the Space subtheme Ice Planet 2002. This is one of the older lines represented in LEGO Racers, the theme having been released in 1993 and only passed in age by Pirates (1989) and Imperial Guards (1992). Ice Planet 2002 was a civilian subtheme succeeding M-Tron and preceding Exploriens, going alongside the ends of Space Police II and Blacktron Future Generation as the hero and villain subthemes (succeeded respectively by Unitron and Spyrius during Ice Planet's final year). The story centers around a small team, led by Commander Cold, conducting top secret research on rocket science on the frozen world Krysto, making them a target for enemy forces wanting their research. Commander Cold is the representative racer for this track.

Track layout

The view from the starting line

The track starts going downhill between two large buildings, based off of the 6983 Ice Station Odyssey, and surrounded by scattered pillars of ice. The track rises, falls, and generally moves to the left, passing two more buildings (one with a rocket that are on the right, before moving into a tunnel. The tunnel is full of support beams and a few power ups, and dumps out by a crashed rocket into an open area by the side of a mountain. A Deep Freeze Defender is floating overhead. As a pair of Blizzard Barons fly by, the track curves left and up, passing an arch1 and another building before going into another tunnel. An Ice Tunnelator is on the left as the track curves straight and down, before suddenly coming to a sharp 180° turn. The track heads back up, out the tunnel, through another right turn, and ends.


An Ice Tunnelator inside a tunnel
  • 1Heading through the arch on the left takes the player up a fairly steep hill full of power plus bricks, with a red brick and a green brick at the end. The path stops suddenly over a hole and drops the player down into the tunnel with the sharp turn.