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The Torpedoes are in the fast lane on the superhighway of maximum rock and roll. Experience The Torpedoes.

The Torpedoes were an American surf rock band formed in San Francisco in 1994, by guitarist Brian Pool and bassist Jason Brown. Drummer Brian Watson joined the band in 1995.[1] The Torpedoes performed across the San Francisco Bay Area, and had five compositions featured in the 1997 video game LEGO Island.


Good For The Country 1996.

"Sea Legs".[2] The track was not released on any album, but can be downloaded from their website here.

On 24 September 1997, LEGO Island was released. The game's soundtrack contained five tracks by The Torpedoes: "Interplanetary", "Torpedoe", "Tarantula", "Manta Ray", and an early version of "Lucky You".

Recording of the band's upcoming second album, Lucky You, was completed on 21 August 1998. Jason Brown left the band on 20 January 1999, replaced a week later by bass player Justin Walsh from Los Angeles. Lucky You was released 30 March 1999. selected The Torpedoes as featured artist of the day on 31 March, and picked "Big Blue" as featured country song on 12 April.

Jason Brown returned to The Torpedoes on 1 March 2000. Brown died on 5 June 2000.[3] The Torpedoes played their final show on 24 March 2001, at the Longshoreman's Union Hall.[4]


Good For The Country

Good For The Country is the first album by The Torpedoes, released in 1996. It was published under the Resurgent Records label, with the catalog number RR001.

Template:Tt Title Length
1. "Manta Ray"   0:57
2. "The Hornet"   1:42
3. "Interplanetary"   2:07
4. "Spanish Main"   2:36
5. "Nebula 33-7"   2:11
6. "Green Light"   2:20
7. "Half-Pipe"   1:10
8. "The Mummy"   1:46
9. "Midnight Surfer (Ode to Mark Foo)"   2:27
10. "Gyro-scopic Control"   1:43
11. "Theme from The Ipcress File (A Man Alone)"   2:19
12. "Secret Agent In Berlin"   1:39
13. "The Naked Spur"   2:38
14. "Stockyard-250"   1:23
15. "Torpedoe"   1:51
16. "Tarantula"   1:04
17. "The Snake"   2:29

Lucky You

Lucky You is the second album by The Torpedoes, released 14 September 14 1999. It was published under the Resurgent Records label, with the catalog number RR002.

Template:Tt Title Length
1. "Lucky You"   1:54
2. "Green Light"   2:19
3. "Bad Boy"   2:11
4. "Manhattan Skyline"   2:36
5. "Batwing"   2:23
6. "No Trace"   2:41
7. "The Gunfighter"   1:44
8. "American Heartbreak"   2:35
9. "Big Sky" (aka "Big Blue") 2:14
10. "Fishin'"   1:40
11. "Lickety-Split"   1:38
12. "Night of the Hot Rods"   2:56
13. "Davenport"   2:16

San Jose '95

San Jose '95 is an unreleased demo disc from 1995 containing the earliest recorded material by The Torpedoes. The disc allegedly contains two tracks, "The Happy Song" and "Walk Don't Run". Brian Pool sent the disc to Reverb Central's Phil Dirt after The Torpedoes broke up. Dirt gave it four out of five stars.[5]


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