Chrome Crusher

Official artwork of the Chrome Crusher

The Chrome Crusher, also referred to as the Giant Drilling Vehicle, is a four-wheeled mining vehicle from the LEGO Rock Raiders theme. It is equipped with a robust drill and a powerful mining laser for plowing through rock, a radar dish for scanning, and a spacious cargo hold for hauling large amounts of materials. It can also carry multiple tools and up to two drivers.

Chrome Crushers can also be used in the tie-in video game LEGO Rock Raiders. Axle is stated to feel most at home when operating the Chrome Crusher. The Chrome Crusher is featured in the set 4970 Chrome Crusher.

In LEGO Rock Raiders for Windows

The Chrome Crusher as portrayed in the Windows game

In the Windows version of LEGO Rock Raiders, the Chrome Crusher is classified as a large vehicle, and requires five energy crystals for power. A Rock Raider must be trained as a driver to use a Chrome Crusher.

Official render of the Chrome Crusher with drill upgrade

The Chrome Crusher moves at a sluggish 0.3 blocks per second, but makes up for it by being an extremely powerful drilling machine. It takes 0.4 seconds to drill dirt, 0.8 seconds to drill loose rock, only 1 second to drill hard rock, and 4 seconds to drill seams.

Along with its robust drill, the Chrome Crusher is also equipped with a very powerful laser that can be used by double-selecting the vehicle. It has a WallDestroyTime of 3.5 for Dirt, 7 for Loose Rock, and 10.5 for Hard Rock, and every four laser blasts drains one Energy Crystal. Though made pointless for mining by the vehicle's drill, its laser is still far more powerful than the one from the Large Mobile Laser Cutter for some reason. Like the Large Mobile Laser Cutter, however, its mining laser is quite useful as a makeshift weapon; it has a firing range of 3 blocks, and deals at least 20 HP damage or more to objects, letting the Chrome Crusher effectively defend itself against monsters.

Despite possessing a radar and cargo hold, neither of these are functional in-game.


  • In 7. Drilling With Vehicles, a Chrome Crusher is behind the third wall the player must drill, to demonstrate how it can drill faster than anything else.


File:Chrome Crusher PC Upgraded.png
A fully upgraded Chrome Crusher

There are two upgrades available for the Chrome Crusher:

  • Drill: Costs 20 pieces of Ore
    Adds a second drill to the vehicle, letting it plow through all rock almost instantly. It now only takes 0.2 seconds to drill Dirt, 0.4 second for Loose Rock, 0.5 seconds to drill Hard Rock, and 2 seconds to drill Seams. The number of shots its mining laser takes to destroy walls is not changed.
  • Engine: Costs 15 pieces of Ore
    Doubles the number of cylinders on the engine, doubling the vehicle's route speed from 0.3 blocks per second to 0.6 blocks per second.


Early concept art of the Chrome "Crucher"

The Chrome Crusher costs 5 Energy Crystals and requires the following for teleportation:

Upon telelporting down a Chrome Crusher for the first time, the help window will display this message:

You now have a Chrome Crusher - the most powerful drilling machine available. Using its large robust drill, it can smash its way through walls faster than anything else.

In LEGO Rock Raiders for PlayStation

The Chrome Crusher as portrayed in the PlayStation game
The Tunnel Transport carrying the Chrome Crusher over lava

The Chrome Crusher appears in a number of levels in LEGO Rock Raiders for PlayStation. It can usually be found at the start of the level; occasionally it needs to be constructed and teleported, but it always costs only 4 pieces of ore. As the Granite Grinder does not exist in the PlayStation game, the Chrome Crusher is the only vehicle that can drill through Hard Rock. If Laser Beam PowerCells are available in the level, it can also use its laser to blast through rock, like the Large and Small Mobile Laser Cutters. Each PowerCell collected can be used to fire the laser five times (ten if playing as Sparks).

In every level that the Chrome Crusher is used in, it's paired up with the Tunnel Transport, which either can be found resting on a Teleport Station, or is available to be constructed and teleported. The Tunnel Transport can airlift the Chrome Crusher across bodies of water and lava so it can continue mining on the other side. While being carried, the Chrome Crusher is still vulnerable to damage from monsters and geysers, and can be badly damaged from being slammed into walls. Once it has been dropped at the desired location, the Tunnel Transport needs to be landed on a landing pad again, and the player has to make their way back through the tunnels to where the Chrome Crusher is. In some levels, this may have to be done multiple times to complete the mission, especially if collecting red energy crystals is involved.

In other media

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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Czech Čeština Chrómový mačkač
Danish Dansk Chrome Crusher Same as English name
Dutch Nederlands Super driller
Finnish Suomi Superporaaja "Super driller"
French Français Foreuse excavatrice
German Deutsch Chrome Crusher Power Bohrer
Hebrew עִבְרִית
מרסק כרום
Miraseka khrom
Translation of English name
Italian Italiano Super trivella
Japanese 日本語
Kurōmu kurasshā
Korean 한국어
Keulom bunswaegi
Norwegian Norsk Superdrill
Polish Polski Superświder (set)
Kruszarka chromowa (video game)
Russian Русский
Большой врубовый комбайн
Bol'shoy vrubovyy kombayn
Spanish Español Trituradora de cromo Translation of English name
Swedish Svenska Chrome Crusher Same as English name
Danish and Swedish releases leave this vehicle's name unchanged