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Below is a gallery of images associated with with the Rock Raiders United website.

Website snapshots


These are all the various logos Rock Raiders United has used throughout the years since its creation. Special logos were used for the site's first six anniversaries, and several joke logos have also popped up at times.


Headers and banners

The original Zetaboards forums used a large header spreading across the top of the page instead of a single small logo image. For the first anniversary, the header updated to have a gold logo.

January 2017 saw the return of forum header images instead of logos, with the intention of updating every month. This plan was eventually derailed by the 2017 site upgrade

Banners and buttons

These support banners and buttons were created by Cyrem on August 2, 2008, just a few days after the site opened. The first and sixth banners, added on September 6 after a request by a now-deleted user, are currently missing.





Gone, but not forgotten.

This page needs information or media that is no longer accessible. If you know or have anything that might help, please contribute your knowledge, or contact us via talk page or the forums. Missing: Media from the zetaboards site, more info on some logos here, possibly other logos