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Official render of the Tool Store

The Tool Store is one of the most basic and essential Rock Raider buildings. It is a multi-purpose building used to store materials and equipment and act as a temporary teleport pad for Rock Raiders. Like most Rock Raider buildings, it did not appear in any LEGO sets, though several other buildings found in Rock Raiders building sets serve many of the same functions.

In the Windows game

In LEGO Rock Raiders for Windows, the Tool Store is the first building available for construction. As the Tool Store is used to dispense building materials, it requires none to be constructed, simply teleporting down as soon as its construction site has been designated. It takes up a 2x1 space, with one construction block in the center and one power path to the front. Nearly every level starts the player off with at least a Tool Store, and the few that don't have one in a hidden cavern that the player needs to uncover.

The Tool Store is used at the start of missions to initially teleport down Rock Raiders before a Teleport Pad has been constructed or powered. Because it is self-powered, it can be used for teleporting at any time, even after a Teleport Pad is functioning; and because it doesn't need materials to be built it can be used to start moving Rock Raiders HQ to areas cut off by water or lava. Rock Raiders can also be upgraded at the Tool Store, as well as trained to use dynamite once the Tool Store has been upgraded to level 2.

The Tool Store holds all the tools that Rock Raiders may need during missions. Rock Raiders will go to the Tool Store automatically to pick up necessary tools; they can also be ordered to pick up beam weapons and sonic blasters to defend Rock Raiders HQ with.

Building materials are also stored in the Tool Store, and are subsequently ejected when a construction site has been designated.  Energy crystals will be deposited there until the Power Station has been constructed, and drained energy crystals will be ejected for recharging at a recharge seam.  Ore will be deposited and ejected until an Ore Refinery has been powered, at which point building studs will be used instead.  Dynamite also will automatically be available at the Tool Store when a wall has been designated to be blown up.  If electric fences can be placed, they will be available from there as well when a location has been designated.


There are two upgrade levels available for the Tool Store:


The Tool Store costs no building materials and requires the following for teleportation:

Original design

The final design for the Tool Store is actually a combination of two unused buildings: the Tool Station and the Mobile Teleport. The image used for the Tool Store in the instruction manual is actually a render of the original Tool Station design, and the models and animations for it still exist in the Tool Store's folder. The Mobile Teleport, meanwhile, consisted of just the teleport pad and power boxes used in the final design, without any of the tools surrounding it. It was likely called such due to having no cost and being self-powered, just like the Tool Store.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Hebrew עִבְרִית
חנות כלים
Norwegian Norsk Verktøydepot