Gypsy Moth

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Gypsy Moth teleports in to face the player
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Gypsy Moth is a Character that appears as the Hosting Champion of Circuit 6 in the first LEGO Racers.

Description and Traits

Gypsy Moth, who also goes by the title "Insectoid Queen," is an alien cyborg. She is originally from the Insectoids theme from 1998. She wears mostly dark blue and black clothing with electronic wires and nodes on her torso and face. She has blue skin and black "hair" (though it is hard to tell if it really is hair or not) and a band of orange across her eyes. Her right hand is blue while her left hand is black (presumably her right hand is uncovered while her left hand his). She refers to herself as a "veteran pilot."

In-game, Gypsy Moth drives a stout blue car with a large wheels and a rocket thruster on the rear end, similar to the preset chassis for the Exploriens theme, but slightly faster. She is the penultimate boss and has no preference in types of power ups, primarily targeting high level power-ups of all kinds. This makes her a somewhat difficult boss to defeat, particularly in the later races of the circuit. The only way to win is to get ahead of her by use of boosts (particularly the Warp Turbo Boost) and try to target her with high-level traps like the Mummy's Curse.


She is the queen of the Zotaxians, a race of cyberneticly-fitted aliens. After a war against the "cruel leader", Gypsy Moth and her Zotaxians fled their home planet of Zotax. They crashed on the giant planet Holax, a hollow planet with an inner sun where the core would be. They tunneled underground to this area, where they found, among the wildlife, large insects called "Bilgen Bugs", along with many other oversized creatures. To get past the Bilgen Bugs, the Zotaxians modified their vehicles to look like mechanical versions of the insects, and dubbed these vehicles "Insectoids". They then planted Voltstones in the Bilgen Bugs' nests to absorb the energy of the inner sun. To the Bilgen Bugs they looked like eggs. After a time they would collect the Voltstones. Soon, however, the Bilgen Bugs caught on. Since then, Gypsy Moth and her Zotaxians have been said to have become criminals on many planets.

Car Set

Gypsy Moth's car set, which is unlocked after completing her circuit in first place, includes: