Imperial Grand Prix

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Imperial Grand Prix is the first race of the first circuit and fourth race of the fourth circuit (mirrored) in LEGO Racers. In the Game Boy Color version, it is also the first race of the first circuit, and the third race of the fourth circuit (mirrored).


Imperial Grand Prix is based off of the Pirates subtheme Imperial Guard, with elements of the Imperial Armada the Imperial Soldiers subthemes. The first part of the track is set in a small seaside port, most likely used for fishing and trading. The second part is inside a mine tunnel. Governor Broadside (though the model is that of Admiral Woodhouse) is the representative racer for this track, and the Admiral also comes from one of the subthemes featured here, representing the entire Pirates theme in Rocket Racer Run. Despite being the hosting champion for Circuit Race 1, Captain Redbeard does not come from either of the subthemes here, instead being from the main Pirates theme as featured in Pirate Skull Pass.

Track layout

The view from the starting line
Part of the village

The track starts on a dock near the sea, with cliffs on the right side. The Admiral's flagship (from the 6280 Armada Flagship) is floating out on the waters. The track curves right into the cliffs, then quickly turns back left into a small port. Turning right, racers will encounter a crate swinging on a crane; this is a hazard that can knock a racer off-course, much like a Hazard power up. The track turns right under an arch into an open area, then goes into a mine. The cave twists and turns for a long distance, with mine carts passing by on elevates rails next to the track. At the end1, the track emerges into a depression in the cliffs, with waterfalls on the left and a bridge crossing a river and passing a cannon is emerging from a small tower2. The track drops into another tunnel, then sharply turns right and reaches the starting line.

Shortcuts and secrets

A suspicious pile of wood
  • 1Just before the last sharp right turn in the mine tunnel, an archway is clogged with barrels and wooden planks. Firing a Cannon Ball at it will blast away the barrels, revealing a tunnel that skips the last turn. However, this shortcut will skip a row of all four types of power ups.
  • 2Attempting to use a power up while next to the cannon, if the player does not have one, will fire a Cannon Ball towards the waterfall. This Cannon Ball can somehow open the shortcut in the tunnel, or may hit an opponent.