Fire 'n' Water

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Level 19 - Fire 'n' Water

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Collect 35 Energy Crystals

Cut Scene


OK, Rock Raider, are you ready for your next mission? We have established our Rock Raider HQ on the edge of a large, underground lake. Geological scans show us that the area is rich in Ore and Energy Crystal seams. However, they have also revealed that a river of molten lava is approaching our base. You will need to act quickly to breach the flow of lava and continue our mining operation by crossing the lake to mine the Energy Crystals and Ore. Once we have collected thirty-five Energy Crystals, we can evacuate the base to a safer cavern!



Rocky Terrain


A base should be established as quickly as possible on the other side of the Lake. However, there are still plenty of Energy Crystals on the more dangerous side that the mission starts on, so these should be collected first.


Unlucky! We needed thirty-five Energy Crystals but you didn't get them all. Mission failed.


You managed to evacuate safely and collect all thirty-five Energy Crystals. Good job! Mission complete.

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