Electric fence

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An Electric Fence.

Electric Fences are a useful defense mechanism, as any monsters that come into contact with them are killed instantly. Fences are typically placed around your Rock Raider HQ. Poles are placed like you would with power paths and when they are one or two adjacent spaces away from each other, they will connect into a fence. You must have the Power Station built to use these. In order for the fences to be charged, they must be adjacent to at least one powered building. They require no ore or energy crystals to place. Fences, like buildings, can take damage if they are struck by a boulder, or are caught in a dynamite explosion. They cannot be placed on foundation squares or slimy slug holes, but they can be placed on normal power paths, ground, and even rubble. Interestingly, although they cannot be placed on lava, lava can erode under the fences without destroying them. They will continue to function even while "floating" on lava.

Note that they do not defend against other enemies, such as slimy slugs.