Transport Crisis

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A rich haul of Energy Crystals has been detected in the vicinity of a lava lake. Unfortunately, the lake is unstable - there are only a few minutes before the lava levels rise dramatically. Collect as many Energy Crystals as possible, then return to the Teleport Pad so I can beam you home. I'll be monitoring the situation all the time you're down there - if you look like you're in danger, I'll beam you back to the ship. I've already beamed down a Tunnel Transport to help you get about. When using it, remember that it can only land on Landing Pads!



Molten Terrain



That mission too hot to handle, Rock Raider? Your shield was out!


Good going, Rock Raider! Those Energy Crystals will come in real handy!


  • Bronze - 10 Energy Crystals
  • Silver - 10 Energy Crystals, 4 Red Energy Crystals
  • Gold - 10 Energy Crystals, 8 Red Energy Crystals