Desert Adventure Dragway

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Desert Adventure Dragway is the fourth race of the first circuit and first race of the fourth circuit (mirrored) in LEGO Racers. In the Game Boy Color version, it is the second race of both the first circuit, and the fourth circuit (mirrored).


Desert Adventure Dragway is based off of the original 1998 wave of the Adventurers theme. Johnny Thunder and company have traveled to Egypt in search of the Re-Gou, a legendary and magical ruby guarded by the mummy of Pharaoh Hotep. However, the sinister Sam Sinister and his partner Baron von Barron are racing to get it first for their own nefarious purposes. Five characters from this theme are opponent racers: Johnny Thunder as the host of Circuit 4, the mummy of Hotep as the representative of this track, Gail Storm as an opponent on Rocket Racer Run, Sam Sinister as the representative of Adventure Temple Trail, and Baron von Barron as the host of Circuit 5.

Track layout

The view from the starting line

The track starts in frot of an ancient temple, based off of the titular structure in the set 5988 Pharaoh's Forbidden Ruins. A tunnel dips into the ruins and raises back up at the end, where the track makes a series of curves weaving around sand dunes, rocks, and palm trees - left, right, left, right, left. The track between the second left and right curves passes a small oasis on the right and a pyramid on the left1. After this weave, the track makes another right turn, then a left, to move around a large sphinx2, from the set 5978 The Secret of the Sphinx. The track continues to make its way past a rocky cliff face, passing a small camp (also from 5978; in this set it is the camp of Baron von Barron and Sam Sinister) and an obelisk - on the second lap, the obelisk will topple over and block half of the road - before finally coming back to the starting line.


Removed shortcuts

Somewhere underneath the tomb is a green brick, floating in the void below the track model video.