Ore Refinery

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Official render of the Ore Refinery

The Ore Refinery is a building used by Rock Raiders for refining ore into building studs, for the purpose of making construction quicker. Like most Rock Raiders buildings, it did not appear in any LEGO sets.

In LEGO Rock Raiders for Windows

In the Windows version of LEGO Rock Raiders, the Ore Refinery is one of the four buildings unlocked upon upgrading the Power Station. It takes up a 3x1 space, with two construction blocks in the center and to the back, and one power path to the front. Once it has been built and powered, Rock Raiders will start taking ore to the Ore Refinery instead of depositing it into the Tool Store. Ore will no longer be used to construct buildings and power paths unless the Ore Refinery has its power turned off or is destroyed. Every five pieces of ore thrown into the Ore Refinery will be refined into a building stud. The amount of ore needed to make a building stud can be lowered with upgrades, but the building stud will still be counted as five pieces of ore, making it far more efficient to use in construction. However, the Small Transport Truck cannot carry building studs. Additionally, upgrading the Ore Refinery will cause the Small Transport Truck to frequently deposit excessive ore, which will be automatically added to the ore counter but will not be usable until all stored building studs have been used up.


The Ore Refinery as portrayed in the Windows game

The Ore Refinery costs 3 energy crystals and 20 pieces of ore (or 4 building studs) and requires the following for construction:


There are three upgrade levels available for the Ore Refinery, the most any building has:

  • Level 1: Lowers the amount of ore needed to make a building stud to four pieces
  • Level 2: Lowers the amount of ore needed to make a building stud to three pieces
  • Level 3: Lowers the amount of ore needed to make a building stud to two pieces


If the Ore Refinery is modded to require more energy crystals for power after being upgraded, and loses power after upgrading due to there not being enough energy crystals stored, any ore deposited into the Ore Refinery by Rock Raiders that were carrying it when power was lost will still be automatically refined once the required amount has been deposited, despite the building having no power.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Hebrew עִבְרִית
בית זיקוק מחצבים
Norwegian Norsk Malmraffineri