Driller Night!

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Driller Night! is the first mission in LEGO Rock Raiders for Windows. The objective of this mission is to locate the Tool Store and collect five energy crystals.

The level is unlocked at the beginning of the game. Completing it unlocks The Path To Power and Rubble Trouble!.

Objective text

Objective text

  • Objective: The transporter aboard the L.M.S. Explorer has been slightly damaged, due to low power, and is not working properly. A team of Rock Raiders has been teleported into the wrong cavern and they need to find their way back to the Tool Store. Drill through the cavern walls, and once you have found it, start our mining operation by collecting five Energy Crystals.
  • Failure: Bad luck! You failed to find the Tool Store and retrieve five Energy Crystals. Mission failed.
  • Completion: Well done! You got all five Energy Crystals. Mission complete.
  • Crystal failure: Too many Energy Crystals have been stolen for you to be able to complete this mission.

NERP messages

  • Upon finding the Tool Store: Well done, you've found the tool store! Now collect five Energy Crystals...
  • After collecting one Energy Crystal: You need four more Energy Crystals...
  • After collecting two Energy Crystals: You have stored two Energy Crystals now.
  • After collecting three Energy Crystals: Another Energy Crystal stored. You're more than half way there!
  • After collecting four Energy Crystals: Only one more Energy Crystal to go now...
  • Unused: Congratulations! You've stored five Energy Crystals.


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In other languages


Language Name Meaning
Czech Čeština Noc vrtáků!
Danish Dansk Boring i mørket!
Dutch Nederlands Een boorfestijn
French Français La nuit du Foreur
German Deutsch Die Stunde der Bohrer
Hebrew עִבְרִית
לי‬ל הק‬י‬דו‬ח
Italian Italiano Cuor di trivella!
Japanese 日本語
Korean 한국어
야간 드릴러[verify]
Norwegian Norsk I nattens malm og mørke
Polish Polski Nocne świdrowanie!
Russian Русский
Ночь бурения
Spanish Español Noche perforadora
Swedish Svenska Borra i mörker!