Rock Raider buildings

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The Power Station

Buildings are what make up Rock Raider HQ. Each building serves a specific purpose, such as teleporting Rock Raider vehicles, or harnessing the power of energy crystals. Most buildings come with a square pre-built Power Path already attached to them that act as the building's Foundation. In order to place a building, this path must be connected to a Power Path that has been built.

Once the required spaces have been laid out for construction, Rock Raiders will start gathering the required amount of energy crystals and ore (or building studs when the Ore Refinery is made), as well as construction barriers surrounding the construction area. Once enough materials have been gathered for the pieces to be teleported down, and all excess or unnecessary objects have been removed from the construction area, the building will be teleported down piece by piece from the LMS Explorer. Most buildings require to be connected via Power Paths to a powered up Power Station in order to perform their various functions.

Buildings can sometimes take damage or even be destroyed by various threats. There are many different methods of defense against these threats. However, if the building still stands, it can be repaired by a Rock Raider who has been trained as an Engineer and is equipped with a Spanner. Whenever a building takes damage, Action Stations are turned on automatically. Slimy Slugs can also drain power from powered up buildings. Although this does not harm the buildings directly, it does drain the player's Energy Crystal count, turning them into Purple Crystals.

The Buildings

There are ten buildings by default:

Other Buildings

Ore Processing Plant


Unnamed tool stations

Teleport platform

The teleport platform is just the Rapid Rider with the engine, cargo hold, and skis removed.