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The official theme logo
Early 1999 Catalog Image Showing the Chrome Crusher
Catalog Image promoting several Rock Raider Sets

LEGO Rock Raiders was a LEGO theme started in 1999, and was discontinued in 2000.

Rock Raiders was the only theme in the Lego Underground series before Power Miners. The Theme, while short-lived, featured over twelve Lego Sets, six main Characters, and was backed-up by numerous story-related media, including several comic Books and Video Games. It was quite popular and spawned a large cult following and a community dedicated to everything rock raiders and other LEGO franchises, known as Rock Raiders United.


Between 1999 and 2000, a total of 17 Lego Sets were released. The first editions of which also included promotional Comics. There was also a limited offer that included a free Rock Raiders T-shirt with the order of any Rock Raiders set from the LEGO Mania Magazine.

Lego Rock Raiders as it first appeared in early 1999

Main Sets

These all made up the original group of Rock Raider Sets that were released in 1999.

Promotional Sets

These were released as a special promotion in conjunction with the Japanese confectionery company Kabaya in 2000.

Early 1999 Catalog Image referring to Energy Crystals as "Brickonium"

Minifigure Sets

These were released in 2000. Excluding the Key Chain, these were all a part of the Mini Heroes Collection, which included a rare Chief Minifigure.

Other Media

Two Video Games were released in 1999 (for PC) and in 2000 (for PS1). Three Books were also released in 1999 and 2000.



  • 928228 Rock Raiders Mine Lamp (Germany)
  • 927160 Rock Raiders Mug (Germany)
  • 927155 Rock Raiders Patch (Germany)
  • 928264 Rock Raiders CD Bag (Germany)
  • 928447 Rock Raiders T-Shirt (Germany)
  • 928448 Rock Raiders Sweatshirt (Germany)
  • 927151 Rock Raiders Desk Pad (Germany)

Books and comics

There were also nine Comics released with the sets. The September-October issue of the LEGO Mania Magazine was dedicated to the Rock Raiders franchise and included a tenth comic as well.

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