Air Raiders

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Level 21 - Air Raiders

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Collect 40 Energy Crystals

Cut Scene


Right, Rock Raider - things are really hotting up now! Rock Raider HQ has been devastated by earthquakes, landslides and cave-ins and our fresh air supply has been used up! We must rebuild the base and get the Support Station functioning. Once we have the base up and running again, we must reinforce the area and resume the mining operation.You must then collect forty Energy Crystals.



Icy Terrain


The Rock Raiders should reinforce the entire cavern, as this is one of the most unstable levels for landslides in the game, as well as a few monster emerges. Near the top left of the map, just before a small pool of water, there is a very dangerous narrow Hidden Cavern. This contains a very hazardous river of Eroding Lava that will quickly sweep out and make its way along the cavern, stopping just short of the base. Rock Raiders should avoid opening this cavern at all costs. On the other side of the water, there is a cavern with an abundance of Crystals. This can be connected up with the main cavern through a tunnel system on the bottom of the map.


You didn't get the base up and running and collect forty Energy Crystals. Mission failed.


The odds were against you but you came through and got all forty Energy Crystals. Excellent! Mission complete.

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