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Sparks on the bridge of the LMS Explorer.

Sparks is one of the six main Characters from Rock Raiders.

Personality and Specialties

As the crew's engineer, he always makes sure that the drills are drilling, the grinders are grinding, and the loaders are loading. Very clumsy and absent minded, he often takes things apart and never rebuilds them. Despite this, he is called one of the best and most skilled engineers ever, and is credited with building most of the Rock Raiders' equiptment. He has a habit of drinking too much coffee and, in the comics, he swears often. His position on the L.M.S. Explorer is Midshipman. He is also skilled as an Explosives Expert. He seems to be fairly good friends with Jet and Axle, and hates Slimy Slugs.

Appearances in the PC Game

Sparks attempting to fix a frayed Dynamite wire

He appears in the following Cut Scenes:

Rock Raider cadets are similar in appearance to Sparks, wearing the same outfits. In third person they also appear with his face, but in first person and shoulder view they have basic lego minifig faces. His likeliness can also be seen operating the Mining Laser. Originally all the faces were to have sparks face in first person as well, but this was taken out during development in favor of the more generic faces to distinguish the cadets from him. He is shown in character alerting the player to depleting Oxygen Supply and also says the name of the Buildings, as well as the "Train as Engineer" option.

Role in the Playstation Game

In the Playstation game, Sparks is one of the five playable characters. Sparks has the special skill of being able to double up on all weaponry that he collects.

Lego Set Appearances

Sparks only appeared in four Lego Sets:

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