Frozen Frenzy

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Level 9 - Frozen Frenzy

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Find the Tunnel Transport

Cut Scene


Scanners aboard the L.M.S. Explorer have been monitoring the movement of large unidentified life forms that appear to be made from ice! We cannot endanger our mining activities and must defend Rock Raider HQ against any possible threat. Protect Rock Raider HQ by using the Electric Fences, and repair any damage that occurs by training some Rock Raiders as Engineers. You will need to fend off any attacks and continue to collect Energy Crystals until we have enough to transport the Chrome Crusher. The Tunnel Transport is in a nearby cave, waiting to air lift us to a safer cavern, but our only way of reaching it is by drilling through Hard Rock with the Chrome Crusher or using Dynamite to blast our way through. Take care, Rock Raider!



Icy Terrain


While the cavern for this map is absolutely massive, the Tunnel Transport only lies a stone's throw away, to the top right through some Hard Rock. There is also a very large Hidden Cavern with an island that has an abundance of Energy Crystals.


You didn't make it to the Tunnel Transport. Mission failed.


You got to the Tunnel Transport just in time. Good going! Mission complete.

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