Explosive Action

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Level 6 - Explosive Action

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Retrieve a lost Small Digger and bring it back to Rock Raider HQ.

Cut Scene


"OK, Rock Raider - another teleporter malfunction has left one of our vehicles stranded in a nearby cavern. You must recover the lost vehicle, but to reach it you will have to blast your way through some Hard Rock. Train a Rock Raider to use his Dynamite by upgrading the Tool Store to Level 2 and sending him there. Once he has been trained, use Dynamite to blast your way through the Hard Rock in order to find the missing vehicle. When the vehicle has been found, train a Rock Raider as a Driver at the Support Station and return the vehicle to Rock Raider HQ."



Rocky Terrain


There is a hidden cavern at the top of the map containing a Lake and several seams.


The missing vehicle was not returned to your base. Mission failed.


You trained a Driver and recovered the vehicle. You're doing well! Mission complete.

Unlocked Level


Unlocked By