Slug Lake

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Feel in the mood for an Energy Crystal hunt, Rock Raider? The ship is running low on power again, so your help would be greatly appreciated. The scanners have detected several Energy Crystals located around the shore of a large underground lake. Use any means at your disposal to collect the Energy Crystals as quickly as possible, then return to the Teleport Pad. Our sensors have also detected some strange lifeforms down there, so take care.



Rocky Terrain



This is the toughest level in the game for a Gold Medal. The player needs to collect every Energy Crystal on the leftmost side of the lake area with the Rapid Rider, then take the Ore to the Teleport Station on the northeast side of the area, and use the Tunnel Scout to collect the rest on the right. Pausing for even a second can be a disaster.


Another close shave, eh Rock Raider? Good thing I beamed you out when I did!


Great work, Rock Raider! Those Energy Crystals are being put to good use right now!


  • Bronze - 9 Energy Crystals, 4:20
  • Silver - 9 Energy Crystals, 2:40
  • Gold - 9 Energy Crystals, 2:20